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KMC Wins "2016 Most Trustworthy Clinical Brand of Health Industry"

Jun 05 2017 By KMC

Shanghai, China (April 18, 2016) - (7th) Pharmaceutical Strategy Summit was jointly hosted by China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center, China Stat Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co. Ltd. and China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Development Promote Association. China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center released the "2016 Most Trustworthy Clinical Brands of the Health Industry".  The appraisal and selection was on the basis of the data of China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center, questionnaires provided by clinicians and random investigations of consumers, and finally the review committee consisting of academic consultants and clinical experts examined and approved brand candidates.

KMC Kyphoplasty products of Shanghai Kinetic Medical Co., Ltd. (“KMC”, Stock Code: 300326) won the honorary "2016 Most Trustworthy Clinical Brand: Orthopaedic Device Category". After receiving titles such as National Key New Product, Shanghai Key New Product and Science and Technology Award, KMC’s products are also well acceptable by experts and patients.

In the future, KMC will insist on fulfilling its social responsibility and constantly benefit people and the society by high-quality products.

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